Familycheap paper wristbands uk of Zhengzhou billboard installer killed in fall receives 800,000 yuan

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The family of a billboard installer in Central China who died after urban patrol officers removed his ladder has received 800,000 yuan ($126,340) in compensation, Beijing News reported.

The victim, surnamed Ou, fell to his death in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, on Jan 23.

He and a colleague had been setting up a billboard on the roof of a school bus company’s building when urban patrol officers, who believed the billboard was illegal, took away their ladder and tricycle.

Ou, who was from Hunan’s Xinhua county, attempted to climb down from the third floor using a rope but fell to the ground. He died later in hospital.

His family has received 700,000 yuan in compensation from the urban management bureau and another 100,000 from the bus company.

Ou’s employer, surnamed Liu, who owns a graphic advertising shop, has also been ordered to pay 430,000 yuan.

The urban patrol officers involved in the incident have been dismissed and handed over to the discipline inspection commission on suspicion of misconduct.

Police have also detained Liu for illegally putting up billboards, according to the Zhengzhou public security bureau.

Zhao Yimeng contributed to this story.

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